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The Fine Print
a writing journal
here are stories 
Most days it's a fic journal. Some days it's a writing journal, if I have something to say that's unsuitable for the usual outlets. Sometimes it's a fandom journal. But usually, it's a fic journal. Enjoy.
03.02.09 (UTC)
hey! i love your office avi. ;)
03.02.09 (UTC)
Thanks! It's from the scene in 3x24 when Jim comes in during Pam's talking-head to ask her on a date. I always loved that part!
03.02.09 (UTC)
ahhh, i love that! and then she all turns back to the camera, cheesin! awesomeness.
03.02.09 (UTC)
Exactly! And I can't help but smile.
09.20.09 (UTC)

This is my gift to you. Click on the book to open it up and find a message just for you.
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