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The Fine Print
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Dear Yuletide Writer 
parks, leslie
Thank you so much for writing for me! I know that I'm going to love whatever you come up with, and I hope you have a good time writing it in the process! That's what this is all about :-)


A good trope. Rivals to lovers is probably my fave, but fake dating/relationship is a close second, along with bed-sharing, best friends pining for each other, sneaking around, FWB turning into more, the works. I love it.
The getting-together parts (as in, moreso than the established relationship parts).


I'm not into super angsty, dark stories, though there is definitely a place for some angst. I just like it to have a happy ending, and not be too depressing, ya know? No abuse/self-harm, non-con stuff, BDSM. No pregnancy/babyfic please. Also not really into any members of my OTPs being paired with other people-- I'm not much of a multi-shipper.

The fandoms:

Mad Men
Peggy Olson, Stan Rizzo

I'm such a huge fan of this show. I loved the way it ended, and I miss it now that it's gone. Peggy is my favorite fictional character, maybe, or at least one of them. I'd love any story with her as the focus.

That said, I super-ship Peggy/Stan, and you should have seen my face when they got together in the finale. IT WAS MAGIC. So I wonder what their life is like now? That was such a huge thing, for her in particular-- she hadn't thought she loved him, until suddenly she did. And now they are just together? I wonder what that's like.

Conversely, I also wonder how they could have gotten together earlier, in any way. I love UST, flirtation, the getting-together parts, etc., so it could be really fun to explore other options-- maybe they come together somehow while she's working at the other firm (during their phone friendship). Basically anything Peggy/Stan will bring me great joyl

Amy Brookheimer, Dan Egan

This is a relatively new show to me, in that I just marathoned it right after season 5 finished airing. And I LOVE IT. I love the whole thing, the whole cast is fab, and I'd love to read any kind of shenanigans they get into.

If you're going the ship route (it's pretty clear by now that I am a shipper at heart), I am foaming at the mouth for some Dan/Amy. I love their banter (in general, I love the rivals-to-lovers type trope), and I love how they manage to both dislike each other and respect each other. Any kind of story about them either getting together, sneaking around, becoming friends with benefits, or even just verbally sparring in a super UST type way, would be fab.

Alexander Hamilton, Angelica Schuyler

I don't recall loving anything in my whole life as much as I love Hamilton right now. I only discovered it a couple weeks ago, shortly after the OBCR came out, but I have literally listened to nothing else since. I haven't gotten to see it yet, unfortunately, but hope to dig deep into my savings account and buy tickets for spring or summer.

There are a lot of things I love about the show. I love Hamilton's character, his strong-headed brashness and recklessness. I love Angelica and how smart and strong she is, and I have so many feelings about the never-to-be feelings between the two of them (THE COMMA SEXTS, MAN). Like, I don't think I would want a story where they actually got together or hooked up, but something focusing on their obvious chemistry and compatability would be nice. I also adore Eliza, and have a lot of feelings about HER relationship with A. Ham too. Which is why I don't think I would want something that actually made something happen between Ham and Angelica, ya know? But ugh, even just a story about the three of them and how they interact with each other would be great.

Also, if you wanna do some kind of crazy AU here, go for it. This is one where I'm not even really totally sure what I want, I just know I want more. Other characters are fine-- just please no ships that aren't clearly in the show (i.e. I know a lot of people like Ham/Laurens, and that's totally fine and their letters definitely do seem to belie some kind of relationship, but that's just not what I'm interested in at the moment).

Parks and Rec
Leslie Knope, Ben Wyatt

Leslie and Ben 4 life. This is maybe my all-time favorite show and like Mad Men, I miss it [Ken] tremendously now that it's gone. But yeah, Leslie and Ben are one of my top OTPs.

Within Parks fic, I prefer to read about the period of time before they were in an established relationship-- so I love the time period between Master Plan and Road Trip, and when they're sneaking around, or even when they're broken up before Smallest Park. I am always down for some UST, or an alternate take on them getting together. Always down for trope-fics with these two, also-- bed-sharing, fake dating, the works.

Also love every character on this show, so appearances from other characters are more than welcome.

You can find last year's Yuletide letter (the first year I participated) here-- should still be pretty accurate, and my Tumblr (which is where I mostly hang out here on the internet) here.

Hope you have a great time writing! Yay Yuletide! 
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