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Dear Yuletide Author 
parks, leslie
Dear Yuletide Author,
First of all, thank you for being cool enough to sign up for this, and I hope you are about to have fun writing in one of these fandoms!
I’ve never done Yuletide before, so I’m not totally sure what to say here-- but wanted to give you something to go on besides a list of fandoms/characters.
Let me also preface this with-- sorry this is so long! I had no idea I had so much to say about this!

To the fandoms:

Mad Men
Peggy and Stan
I have loved Mad Men since day one, but have only ventured into any kind of fandom this last season or so. I have a weakness for Peggy/Stan, and though I ship them hard, I also love watching them/reading about them as friends if that’s more your cup of tea. Anything Peggy in general is top notch. I love a lot of things on Mad Men, but right now what comes to mind is-- you know the sneaky music, like when Stan and Don are working on Heinz in secret, or when the gang is pretending to film a TV commercial? That stuff. That sneaky stuff is so much fun.
peggy motorcycle

Brooklyn 99
While I chose Amy and Jake, and I would say I ship them, and would never object to reading about them flirting/getting together, this show is such a great ensemble that I would love something that showcases that as well. Particularly involving shenanigans. But yeah, Jake and Amy flirting among those shenanigans is always fun. Also love the ladies on this show and am always down to read about the dynamics between Amy and Gina and Rosa. BROT3? Also love Jake and Gina as friends (and Chelsea Peretti is queen, so really Gina is just generally the best).

The Mindy Project
Ugh Mindy Kaling I love you so. Mindy/Danny is perf, though we get so much of that on the show now that I’m fine with something that focuses less on “the story of Mindy and Danny” and more on Mindy herself and whatever else you so choose. Maybe it’s before they get together and Danny is jealous of Mindy’s new boyfriend, or maybe it’s early days when they “hated each other” and they’re stuck on an elevator. Or maybe it’s Mindy and Peter bro-ing out? Who knows (you do. You know.).

You’re The Worst
gretchn and jimmy
I watched this in one weekend recently and was beyond charmed and wanted more immediately. Found no fic though (didn’t look hard-- is it out there??). There is something about commitment phobes falling in love that I adore. I would love something that focuses on these two idiots pretending they don't have feelings for each other even though they totally do, with guest appearances by whoever else you choose.

Hawkeye (comics)
Kate Bishop is the queen of everything. I’ve never read fic based on comics before (and in fact, only started reading comics this year) but I love Kate fiercely and would love more about her adventures-- particularly something that delves a little deeper than we usually get into her thoughts and feelings. What makes Kate Kate? Doesn’t mean I’d turn my nose up at an adventure though! Clint and Pizza Dog always, always welcome. (I should probably note that though I've read up some on Kate's history in Young Avengers, I've only actually read her in the Fraction Hawkeye run, so that's what I base my love on.)

Parks and Recreation
My old standard fandom (in recent years, at least), I’ve read a ton, but there’s never too much. Leslie/Ben are my OTP but I love every character so hard and would welcome seeing others. I particularly adore the period of time from Master Plan and Road Trip… UST for days. When I read Ben/Leslie fic, I prefer to read stuff from this period (or the period when they're sneaking around, or broken up) rather than after they're in a solid forever-relationship, just in general.

Tropes I love (and I do love a good trope):

  • Best friends falling for each other, with or without pining, with or without it taking forever for one of both of them to realize how they feel.

  • Even more than that, enemies (or, maybe just people who don’t particularly care for each other) begrudgingly falling in love. The bickering! Oh, the bickering. Banter in general is my jam.

  • The old fanfic standards-- Stuck in an elevator! The hotel room we booked only has one bed and we have to share! Pretending to be a couple for a relatively contrived reason! Secret dating! Fuckbuddies begrudgingly turning into something more! A bet is made and neither can back down-- who will lose in this battle of wits?! Screwball comedy classics.

  • Strong, awesome ladies (even if they’re kind of a hot mess a la Mindy) and lady BFFs. All my OTPs within these fandoms are het, but I love a good depiction of female friendship.

  • The getting together parts. I know, I’m the worst. Objectively I know that Moonlighting wasn’t ACTUALLY ruined because David and Maddie got together. But I still prefer the beginnings of things. I’ll always prefer my fics to be about the build up and the getting together than about established coupledom. Established coupledom is totally fine if the focus of the story is on something else though (i.e. writing a story about the Parks gang getting roped by Tom into having a seance to bring Biggie Smalls back to life and want to have Leslie and Ben already be together in it? Solid. Count me in. Want to write something romantic about Leslie and Ben? I’d prefer it be before they’re a super-established couple. Ya dig?) I'm just not really into sappy/fluffy already-together fics.

  • AUs that dovetail with canon. Like, that keep characters consistent, and even choose details from canon to use. Stories that stick to canon (or are only kind of AU, like missing moments, etc) are great too! Just, if you want to do an AU, have at it-- but I prefer it when I can still recognize the characters I know and love.

Tropes, etc., I could live without:

  • Characters that get in the way of ships being written as assholes for plot purposes only. As in, if one character’s dating someone else, that person doesn't have to be a dick just to prove that the OTP is meant to be. Always just kind of irks me.

  • Super unrealistic/romance novel-y sex scenes. There’s nothing wrong with awkwardness, teeth bumping, funny stories that are only funny later. Nothing wrong with not having simlutaneous orgasms or pausing the fun to put on a condom.


  • No death (unless it’s, like, funny death? Or at least not on the part of one of the requested characters. Want to kill somebody’s next door neighbor or write a serial killer AU though? That’s fine. Actually, a serial killer AU could be kind of great, particularly in comedy fandoms). No abuse/self-harm. Not into BDSM. Not into poly relationships. No mpreg (or pregnancy/babies in general for that matter). No non-con.


Any is fine, high or low. Whatever you’re comfortable with and works best for the story you want to tell. If you want to take the characters to Poundtown, that's fine by me-- I’d prefer it be one of my OTPs rather than other characters, but no big deal.

No matter what you want to write, I’m super thankful you are taking the time to write it! This is a cool thing, and I’m excited to participate. I hope you are too. Thanks!
Feel free to stalk me on AO3 or on Tumblr! (Though I haven't written any of these fandoms, and they're not terribly well-represented on my Tumblr right now either as I go through an intense Agents of SHIELD phase.)
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