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parks, leslie
I'm stumped as to how anyone gets a whole damn story written around here.

I mean, really. I had an idea for my first multi-chaptered fic extravaganza months and months and months ago-- possibly even last year. And I wrote a few thousands words and promptly forgot about it. And then every few months I went back and re-read what I had, wrote a couple thousand more words, and then forgot all about it again. So tonight I was in the mood to write, and I opened the document, committed another thousand words to the story that will never be, and now all my inspiration is gone.

First of all, I want to know how anyone writes a multi-chaptered story as they go along. Is everyone just eons more disciplined than I am? How does everyone know they won't just fizzle out seven chapters in and give up? I mean, surely that happens, but I don't see it too often in the fandom. I don't know if I just don't have the attention span, or if my idea just can't support a full story, or what. But I kind of like at least a little bit of what I've got written, and I'd really like to complete something more than a one-shot for once in my life.

This is why I need fic-writing challenges, as frustrating as they are. Nothing else seems to be able to force me to write.

Maybe I should commit to at least trying to finish this story, find a beta who's willing to help me figure out how to make it less boring, and get with the posting. You never know unless you try it, right?

Hmm. We'll see.
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