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Edward Cullen meets Buffy Summers:

I haven't read a lot of crossover fic, over the years, but occasionally I come across one that really does it right. I mean, how cool is it-- fandoms combining, characters colliding? Logan Echolls and Edward Cullen dancing around the discussion of their respective loves in a diner? (That's real, though I don't know that I have a link.) I wish more good writers would write crossovers, because more often than not they range from crack!fic to bad!fic of epic proportions. I'd imagine, though, with the popularity of vampires in fiction and TV and movies right now, there'll be a few floating around-- Twilight meets Buffy meets True Blood and the like. I still want to see the ultimate bitch-match between Cordelia and Rosalie. In terms of sheer strength and ability, I'm on Rose's side, but in terms of pure bitchery? All my money's on Cordy.

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