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The Fine Print
a writing journal
i may have made an error in judgment 
parks, leslie
A Timeline:

Late summer - Read Twilight
Mid fall - Got a little addicted to TwiFic
January - Started dabbling in writing TwiFic
February - Signed up for a TwiFic exchange

So, yeah, in an effort to force myself to write, I signed up for the twi_exchange  gift exchange, and then probably mere minutes after receiving my assigned prompts, went, "Meh" to the entire damn thing. The stories are due June 1st. In March, I thought, "Eh, I have TONS of time. Who even NEEDS that much time?" In April I thought, "Eh, I write things in one sitting, anyhow. It'll get done. Maybe me and Twilight will have a frenaissance." In May I thought, "Shit. I better start brainstorming." And on May 27th, I finally did. I'm not too pleased with the result, but then, I wasn't too pleased with my prompts, either (uhh I can say that here, right? No stepping on toes? Whatevs, my giftee probably won't ever stumble across my journal. Unless... she stops by after she gets my "gift." In which case... sorry! It's just what happens when one loses all interest in canon and is forced to write canon on a deadline!). I don't know if I'll post it here OR on The Pit once we're able to do so, because it just feels like something I cranked out to fill a requirement. Like a college essay or something. I like to write and I think I do an okay job at it, but this? Not so much.

Oh, and that's the other thing-- writing canon means, at least in the case of this story, assimilating to canon STYLE. And I'm not saying I have some innovative, unique writing style but OH MY GOD I don't enjoy trying to write like SMeyer. I reread the relevant bits of Twilight in preparation for writing today, and I just kind of realized how much I dislike her characterization of her own characters, especially BitchFac-- I mean, Bella. Ever since my estrangement from Twilight as a whole, I've kept reading the WIPs that I was already addicted to, and so by now the original source material had faded from my mind and only the quality fic writing and characterization remained. I'd forgotten how unpleasant I find it to read Twilight now, especially anything from the meadow scene on. Seriously. I have read some truly quality fanfiction in this fandom, and had some excellent conversations on the boards and all, but I'm pretty sure I'm done. Twilight to me feels like an ex-boyfriend that you look back on and think, "Seriously, Self, WHY?"

Now I'm going to go re-read Harry Potter 6, get stoked for the movie and our epic midnight-movie-on-IMAX-while-dressed-like-Hufflepuffs plans, and be nerdy in some other fandom. The nerd in me will NEVER be done. Never.
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